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Third Coast Consulting, LLC™, provides strategic, tactical and confidential advice to publicly and privately held mid-market companies working in water, energy, advanced manufacturing, medical and other industries. Historically, these mid-market companies have fewer options when it comes to comprehensive, independent and rapid-response financial and investment-capital advice that gets results. Third Coast Consulting is committed to providing long-term, strategic value to its clients through:


Executive networking
Capital market navigation
New business opportunities
Negotiating and closing deals
International relationships
Creative matchmaking opportunities
Political linkages (state & national)
Architectural/Engineering consulting


Economic development consulting
Project team development (large & small)
Merger and acquisitions services
Venture capital fund networking
Senior management coaching
Strategic planning
Marketing and sales plan positioning
Financial and investment consulting
Construction design/build/lease-back and ownership
Forming strategic alliances
Capital consulting
Building shareholder value

articles & news

Third Coast PTAC LLC has invested and provides strategic services in the new patented product called PTAC Cleaning Cradle LLC of South Dakota. This new product is an exciting compliment to the cleaning of PTAC units found in over 200,000 hotels, motels and nursing and assisted living facilities across the United States. The testing of the product has been completed in over 350 trial locations and expects to be rolled out with its exclusive partners in 2017.

Third coast OZONE AG LLC is pleased to announce that its OZONE footbath for farming and agricultural markets has installed a new trial Footbath with partners at the Staze Farms located outside of Madison Wisconsin. This world class mega farm has installed and is testing the effectiveness of this important new program to replace chemicals in our farming environments nationwide. We are excited to evaluate the results by June 2017.

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